A human approach, craftsmanship and personalized solutions
are what make GMind special.

Gilles Meyer

What I do

Nowadays, AI-powered software is becoming increasingly useful and prevalent. Even though more and more impressive applications are coming on to the market, most of the potential of AI remains to be unleashed. The challenge for most software businesses now is to leverage AI capabilities in order to gradually improve their existing products and to create new software that has an unprecedented impact. Such a disruptive transition is difficult and takes time, because it requires specific skills and because working practices evolve quickly.

At GMind analytics, I decided to devote my experience and expertise to helping businesses succeed in their AI endeavors. I support them at all stage of the process: strategy definition, algorithm design, proof of concept, software architecture, development, deployment, impact measurement…

Who I am

I am among the few consultants out there that combine rich experience both as a researcher in AI and as a software engineer in industry. Thanks to this combination, I have a good understanding of the many challenges commonly faced during an AI project. My expertise covers both cutting-edge AI algorithms (machine learning, operations research, automated decision making) and full-stack software engineering (technology choices, architecture, development, DevOps). Check out my resume for more details on my past experience and technical skills.

How I work

So far, humans have always been behind the design of AI systems. I therefore propose a human, personalized approach to AI consulting. Each customer comes with unique set of objectives and constraints. For that reason, I never offer a canned viewpoint or inappropriate off-the-shelf solutions. I prefer a craftsman’s approach, where I first dive into understanding the problem at hand and then strive to find the most appropriate solution given your requirements. In practice, this typically means reusing or adapting existing components whenever possible but also developing custom ones when required.